Cashflow management to protect your business

It's well known that the key threat to any business is cashflow, taking out one in four otherwise successful companies. And the more successful your business, the more important cashflow becomes – because with all the hard work you're doing it's so easy to ignore it.

PROFLOW has been designed to remove that worry from you.

With PROFLOW, we will monitor your profitability and cashflow for you, plan for your tax liabilities, meet your official deadlines for you and help to ensure that you have enough cash to meet them. We’ll prepare your quarterly accounts and VAT returns and file your annual accounts and returns with HMRC and Companies House. And we’ll also stay in touch with you, proactively, keeping you up to date with the financial health of your company.

Or you could choose to go with PROFLOW PLUS: which is like having a Financial Director on the board, but without the politics. With PROFLOW PLUS, we will give you a full personal service, with regular face-to-face meetings to brief you on the progress of your company’s financials. We will flag potential problems such as bad debts and overspends and advise how to deal with these.  Leaving you free to concentrate on growing the company and making a profit.

Talk to us about how PROFLOW can help you to make a success of your business, steer you clear of the dangers of poor cashflow, and give you real peace of mind.