Playing to our strengths

At Shelton Renwick we like to think of ourselves as Accountancy Consultants.

How is this different from standard accountants?  Well, we can provide all the traditional accountancy services, but we try to bring a proactive edge to everything we do.  So rather than you just sending us your books and receipts and walking away; we will talk to you, make suggestions, offer advice, even put you in touch with other specialists whose industry knowledge and skills may be better suited to your needs.  

Because at Shelton Renwick, as you’ll quickly discover, it’s not the numbers that interest us – it’s making those numbers work harder for your business.  

Services we offer

  • Financial records kept efficiently, inexpensively and in full compliance with HMRC and the law – delivered professionally and on time.
  • Basic monthly bookkeeping and accounts
  • Proactive profit and cashflow management
  • Tax planning
  • Payroll, sales ledgers, cashflow forecasts
  • Raising capital, business expansion
  • Trouble shooting, consultancy, business sales
  • Staff training